2010 Program

The CMD 2010 Program is a showcase of the SFU Mathematics Department's research in computational mathematics. 

Program Schedule

Date: Thursday, August 12, 2010 Location: IRMACS Centre, Simon Fraser University 

TimeSpeakerSession Title
8:30am Registration  
9:00am Andrew Rechnitzer (UBC) GAS sampling of polygons and knot probability ratios
9:45am Nils Bruin (SFU) Decidability of the existence of rational points on algebraic curves
10:30am Coffee Break / Poster Set Up  
10:45am Poster Session  
12:15pm Lunch at the Himalayan Peak  
1:30pm Anne Greenbaum (UW) Crouzeix's Conjecture and Perturbed Jordan Blocks
2:15pm Nilima Nigam (SFU) How do bones grow? From lab to desktop, a mathematical journey
3:00pm Poster Awards  
3:05pm Coffee Break  
3:30pm Mary-Catherine Kropinski (SFU) Fast intergral equation methods for the heat equation and the modified Helmholtz equation in two dimensions
4:15pm Mike Monagan (SFU) Sparse Polynomial Interpolation
5:00pm Closing Remarks