Poster Competition

Poster Information

The SFU Mathematics Department invites undergraduate and graduate research students to participate in the 2015 SFU Symposium on Mathematics and Computation Poster Competition. Postdocs and faculty may also present a poster but are not eligible for the competition.

The only requirement is that the poster has mathematics in it. It may be applied, pure, computational or experimental mathematics. If you have already prepared a poster for a presentation at another scientific meeting this year, and you would like to present it to members of the Department, this is an appropriate venue. If you wish to present a computer demo this is also possible.


Posters will be judged in two catergories - graduate and undergraduate - and there will be prizes for the winner and best runner up. Judging will be based on both content and presentation.

Submission Details

Poster titles must be submitted via the online registration form by July 31st, 2015. Presenters are responsible for printing their own poster.

Display Details

The posters will be displayed in the IRMACS Centre atrium. Poster presenters can set up their posters as early as 9:00am on August 6th, 2015. The poster and demo session will take place from 11:15am to 1:15pm. Awards will be made at 4:30pm, followed by a presentation of the winning undergraduate and winning graduate poster.

(27 results)
Poster Titlesort descendingAffiliationName
A Combinatorial Problem on Symmetric GroupsSFUKevin Halasz
A new Sparse polynomial interpolation using discrete algorithms and its application to multivariate polynomial GCD computationSimon Fraser UniversityHao Zhuang
A new sparse polynomial interpolation using discrete logarithms and its application to multivariate polynomial GCD computationSimon Fraser UniversityAdriano Arce
An Investigation in the Dynamics of Skeletal Muscle FibreSimon Fraser UniversityHannah Redhead
An Investigation in the Dynamics of Skeletal Muscle FibreSimon Fraser UniversityDaiju Matsunami
Approximating Higher Dimensional Functions With Compressed SensingSFU Mathematics DepartmentMatthew King-Roskamp
Chebyshev Spectral Methods for Fourth Order ODESimon Fraser UniversityConor McCoid
Colouring Regularity of Arithmetic ProgressionsDepartment of MathematicsKelvin Chan
Comparing Determinant Algorithms for Matrices of PolynomialsSimon Fraser UniversityAlan Wong
Computer exploration of thrackable graphsSimon Fraser University USRALaura Gutierrez Funderburk
Computing GCDs of Polynomials Over Univariate Quotient RingsSimon Fraser UniversityJohn Kluesner
Determining Ideal EqualitySFU Department of MathematicsCharles Turo
Estimating HIV Incidence: A Mathematical Modelling Approach Mathematics Department of Simon Fraser University, IRMACS CentreAli Nadaf
Exploring A Condition On MultigraphsSFUGregory Maxedon
Health System Modeling to Evaluate Operational Strategies for the Implementation of UNAIDS 90-90-90 Targets in Vancouver, CanadaMath Dept and Impact-HIV Group, IRMACS-SFUUkoabasi Isip
Magic ArrangementsSimon Fraser UniversityStefan Trandafir
Minimum Deficiency of Even Order Permutation ArraysDepartment of MathematicsCharlotte Trainor
N/ASimon Fraser UniversityRaymond Walsh
Opinion DynamicsSFU Department of MathematicsDarshan Crout
Optimal Interpolation with a 3-dimensional Ice Sheet ModelTrinity Western UniversityMatthew Adams
Parameter estimation using a higher-order dynamic ice modelTrinity Western UniversityMeldon Deglint
Projective Toric Varieties of Integer Lattice PolytopesDepartment of MathematicsSasha Zotine
Suitable Cores of PermutationsSimon Fraser UniversityJustin Chan
The EM filter as a computationally efficient method for data assimilationTrinity Western UniversityDavid Grypma
The structure of robust chaos in two-dimensional piecewise discontinuous mapsMathematics Department of Simon Fraser University IRMACS CentreAli Nadaf
Thermoregulation of a Honeybee SwarmSFUJeremy Chiu
Tight Spans of Four-Point DiversitiesUSRA ResearchReid Constable