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2011 Poster Session

Poster Information

The SFU Mathematics Department invites undergraduate and graduate research students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members to participate in the Computational Math Day 2011 Poster Session.

The only requirement is that the poster has mathematics in it. It may be applied, pure, computational or experimental mathematics. If you have already prepared a poster for a presentation at another scientific meeting this year, and you would like to present it to members of the Department, this is an appropriate venue. If you wish to present a computer demo this is also possible.


There will be one prize of $200 (winner) and one prize of $100 (runner-up) for the best undergraduate poster, and one prize of $200 (winner) and one prize of $100 (runner-up) for the best graduate poster. Judging will be based on both content and presentation.

Submission Details

Poster titles must be submitted via the online registration form by Thursday, August 4, 2011. Presenters are responsible for printing their own poster.

Display Details

The posters will be displayed in the IRMACS atrium. Poster presenters can set up their posters as early as 9:00am on August 9, 2011. The poster and demo session will take place from 11:15am to 1:15pm. Awards will be made at 4:30pm, followed by a presentation of the winning undergraduate and winning graduate poster.

Posters and People

(25 results)
Poster Title (if applicable)sort descendingAffiliationName
A CLAWPACK Implementation for a Model of 2-Class Traffic FlowSimon Fraser UniversityReanne Bowlby
A Generating Tree Approach to k-nonnesting PartitionsSimon Fraser UniversitySophie Burrill
A New Polynomial Data Structure in MapleSimon Fraser UniversityRoman Pearce
A Numerical Approach to the Beltrami EquationSimon Fraser UniversityLee Safranek
A Sieving Approach to S-Unit EquationsSimon Fraser UniversityRichard Lei
A Stochastic Model of Linguistic Category DynamicsSimon Fraser UniversityStephanie Langille
Algorithms for Computations in Finite GroupsCECM, Simon Fraser UniversityShraddha Ramesh
Asymptotic analysis of lattice walks with small steps, restricted to the quarter plane.Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser UniversitySamuel Johnson
Computation of Moving Meshes on SurfacesSimon Fraser UniversityBenjamin Crestel
Computational analysis of paleogenomics binary matrices through the C1PCECM, Simon Fraser UniversityBrad Jones
Discrete spectrum of the rotating shallow water eigenproblemSimon Fraser University Dept. of MathematicsKevin Mitchell
Faster Arithmetic over Multiple Extension FieldsCECM, Simon Fraser UniversityCory Ahn
Generating Functions of Walks in the Quarter PlaneSimon Fraser UniversityStephen Melczer
Hamiltonian Embeddings of HypercubesUSRARichard Leyland
Inference of Ancestral Protein-Protein Interactions using methods from Algebraic StatisticsDepartment of Mathematics, Simon Fraser UniversityAshok Rajaraman
Infinite Hamilton cycles in line graphsSimon Fraser UniversityDaryl Funk
Kinematic Wave Traffic Model with Discontinuous Piecewise Linear FluxSimon Fraser UniversityJeffrey Wiens
Modeling and Numerical Solution of Fractional Diffusion OperatorsZhejiang UniversityHangjie Ji
Modelling the Cathode Catalyst Layer in the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellPacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Department of Mathematics Duruo (Eric) Cai
Modelling with State-Dependent Diffusion in Random Lorentz GasDepartment of Mathematics, Simon Fraser UniversityXin Yang